"I am a Christian and I believe that we have the other forms of life in outer space. If another similar planet has a nearly equal distance to another sun, in the other galaxies, the ions or cosmic particles will spontaneously bond to form water and the other life forms from: Gravity, inertia, centripetal force, orbits of the planets, and heat of the sun. These elements created the different temperatures, pressures, and magnetism; which are due to the day and night sequences, for the bonds in helical shape of DNA.

According to Science Magazine, Volume 279, page 1302, with Matthew Levy and Stanley Miller; we have 4 basic nucleobase for information-coding: Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Uracil; while at page 1940, with Bianca Sclavi et al. are using the synchroton-ray to map the surface RNA in water radiolysis to measure times which formed molecules.

In addition to the other elements, we have: Inertia -a=F/m, specific gravity with the small masses of particles m and m' without square radius of earth G=m*m'/x, and uniform electric field E=F/q;

Rearrange to have distance:

x =m*m'/G .m=F/a . F=E*q Distance x=(F/a)*m'/G=(F*m')/(a*G)=(E*q)*m'/(a*G)