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Download Unfreez 2.1 for animation.

We have seen the number of male students are outnumbered the few female students at any engineering colleges, because men like to do math more than women! However, this disadvantage period for ladies will no longer exit, since the birth of math database to help the young freshman girls from high schools, these girls will solve the homework problems of Physics as fast as the old PhD professors who are teaching Physics at MIT for future inventions!

Click links below for the realistic screenshots:
Login: Logged without Name. Logged To Save changes. Logged To change User Name. Logged To run Frame-in- frame. Setup. Changed Setup. Start Mode 3.
Select Last to review and to clear the recent searchs, before Solve your new problem, as 5 steps to do sample homework below:
Solve 3 formulas at once, after updated the new values, please follow 5 steps below:
View Video: Solve multiple formulae.
1: Review. 2: Search ef. 3: Search ij. 4: Search mn. 5: Solve.

Example to do trigonometric math in 2 clicks below:
1. Search trig file lcd. 2. Do magic Math.
Trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan, cot, cs, csc, power 2**3, square root sqr(9), exp(10).
You can calculate for 6 trigonometric values and 1 formula at once, you can do math faster than a contemporary pocket calculator. Yes! You could, but it was slower than LCDatabase, because you had to press a total of 10 more yellow function keys and equal sign, after you entered datum!

View Video multiple trig math.

Do math faster to have more times for the other subject matters!

Beside Mode 3 for instanly solving multiple math formulas after edited and searched your personal engineering handbook, we have other 2 modes for text book or an editor by which you can edit to change any portion of your web site and as show below: Get Mode 2 Ready. then Search love.

Your LCDatabase will stay with you after you graduate from college, own a business, or become a leader in the accounting department, NOT ONLY because you have had experience in MBA, but you ALSO search and do math faster with LCDatabase:

Start mode 1.

Notes: Three functions: Add, Update, and Delete are currently withheld, however, you can check those 3 functions by click to run: BuyBook.
You can write and edit formulas with values on your desktop by an html file, before Search and Solve.

Since database SQL and Oracle are popular, but these 2 slow database could not solve math as Spreadsheet or MathCAD! LCDatabase basically does both!

To run this LCDatabase in the future for Store formulas, Search, Solve, and Skilling math: Enter from inside frame at location [21] or Index: Your name = vpsn, password = vpsp.>

After logged in with default setup for Mode 3 to use formulas, you can run sample by: Click on Select [11] with a selected Last [10], then enter the coefficient ef in box [9] to Search ef, typically Search ij then Search mn, and check Found List [10] before click Select [11] for the answer:

The old popular spreadsheet is limited from cell index to 4 math operators and a sum, no trigonometric functions; while somes other databases are slow on loading and search without calculations.

If you spend a team with 3 engineers to plan, design, test, and deploy a costly system, or if one system engineer spends times to do it for about 16 hours with minimum $200/hours for total minimum cost = $3200, not included softwares those you have to buy and install?!

How useful this LCDatabase is from one unique software to do your accounting for your store or nail shop, to write a book with the spectacular motion pictures and beautiful sounds of musics or your loves, to replace your engineering handbook, to do math faster than a calculator, and to lively show your products or view your webcam?!

LCDatabase is protected by not only your regular name and password, but also from your unique IP number, plus your local time and random number as a logCode, this logCode will be registered when you first log in, then LCDatabase will compare your logCode with your intruder's computers for your privacy!


With the existing usages for securiry, intelligence, traffic, 

nursing home, videochat... we can also use webcam to:
1. Prevent children from buy pornograpic movies, by ask them to show their
driver license or credit card with photo, before they can buy adult products.
2. Customers with transactions for products on high demands, or purchase with COD.
3. Customers who like to statically expose on live spots for beauties!
4. Medical emergency examination.
5. Job interview.
6. Police cars with Wi-Fi or bluetooth laptop for backup actions in emergency calls.

At the current time, this software can be installed your self in a Linux server, you must know how to change path for your first shebang line, such as: #!/opt/bin/perl or #!/usr/local/bin/perl, with CGI and Telnet support. You can send $20 for 1 year membership to register your name and password, and have your own files safely keep at The address of LCDatabase product will be announced soon! An exe file will be replaced the above files for your windows Operating System.

If you like to buy one LCDatabase CD with 14 files, please wait for my coming economic softwares first, or click RareMath to view copyrights numbers.

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    Asked a salesman for the price of a wireless ISP at the computer parts, he said "did not hear about that wireless internet server". However, at the PDA shelf, the salesman said about $40 per month!

    Sonny Clie UX50 PDA has both WiFi (Wireless Fidelity LAN 802.11b) and Bluetooth functions, it has 2 different hardwares. If you have a laptop and Sprint wireless, you can buy an adapter cord and a CD then connect to internet from anywhere! Imagine that you have a built in wireless modem or GPRS in your PDA or cellphone with bluetooth software, or a new SonnyEricsson PDA or a laptop with built-in cellphone Yaahoo-PalTalk!

    GPRS: General Packet Radio Service for Internet content and packet data service, emails, webcam on the move, file transfer, and multimedia messages.

    I am using Bluetooth USB wireless network, I like it for 2 reasons:
    1. Buy 2 Bluetooth wireless USB adapters for about $50 USDs and alternatively use them for 4 computers, wihout router. We can save 2 for future damages, because any device can go wrong!
    2. Short range for personal computer: Minimum range 10 meters, so the other state or other city can't access your bluetooth by radio, because your range is short, and it changes over 100K codes per minutes. While you can connect to the internet with the maximum range = satellite in sky and your house via wireless modem with satellite ISP!

    You can hide 10 Engineering handbooks in your pocket with this LCDatabase, set up Phone Link, wirelessly go online with 1 more Bluetooth adapter on your host computer in Dial Up Connection, and privately do your trigonometric engineering math on palmOne Tungsten T3:

    USB Bluetooth adapter (10 m). RS232 Bluetooth adapter (1200 m)

    How-To pack a library in your pocket with an USB Flash Drive?


    SuSE USB
    USB Linux
    Live CD
    Live Knoppix CD & USB
    livecd VN

    InternetConnection Sharing. Wikipedia Bluetooth Encyclopedia. PDA Programming. Datawind. Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000. Zaurus 5500. USB FlashDrive &: Zaurus SL-6000 Linux.

    Some pocket devices to use with LCDatabase:

    4GB HD LifeDrive: (palmOne: 4 GB with Wi-Fi and bluetooth.)
    With 4GB and additional Wi-Fi beside bluetooth for school and works, many students will like Lifedrive if it has a mathdatabase!

    Click on image for detail:

    Archos PMA400 30 GB USB Linux with WLAN 802.11b, record 130 hours video, about $550 USD.

    Nokia 770 Internet Tablet: About $350, Debian Linux, WLAN 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, USB Port for PC connectivity, display 800x480: High-resolution, touch screen, 65,536 colors:

    Click on image for detail:

    A typical video camera system for babysitter or small business:

    If you want to record your business at work then they may steal your VCR tape or find your tape with a gun!?

    If you use IP camera then you can record it without computer at your business to directly view it from home, and be able to review it from your pocket with PMA400 or Nokia 810 Internet Tablet and safely record it from home with these pocket devices or by your old VCR!

    Generally, a security camera could be: A SkyIPCam747W Wireless Night Vision Pan/Tilt Network Camera at Frys for about $129, or at website For the better look, you can buy the new version SkyIPCam777W with MPEG4 video.
    or DCS-900 IP camera from D-link at $94, or a night vision with audio and IP camera Aruca 9060A at about $130.

    For dial up internet with $10 per month, you can check ADStech below and buy an ADS USB video adapter which is named Instant VideoCD at about $60 to connect your regular $20 USB webcam to your computer or Time-Lapse VCR from home or at business. You can also using a $50 color night vision with audio at Frys, or $50/month for wireless access T-Mobile Motorola RAZR V3

    Time-Lapse VCR recorders are ranging from: Mace 1280 Hours for about $219.99, or VMD (video motion detection) for recording in 960 hours at $799.99. Click Time-Lapse VCR link above for more.

    Full user opinion:
    The High-resolution 800x480 screen with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for internet were the first impressions which I had on Nokia 770, however, It seems a misleading specs when I looked at the tiny type A USB port which Nokia said "USB PC connectivity". I think that you and I would like an USB host controller to plug in the USB flash drive for the live Linux OS and documents, or to add a webcam.

    Then came the Archos PMA400 with 3.5" LCD screen, 30GB HDD, Linux OS, Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth, and 2 USB host ports at its side, and the telephone jack or network jacks. I finally found this PMA400 for my math database application for students as well professionals, who like to do the engineering calculations faster with the handbook ready on LCDatabase!

    Beside, the LifeDrive from Palm with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to access internet for college students is good, if internet browser doesn't need to reform, when students do homeworks at home by dial up network via bluetooth. Since I could access internet to Google or my math databse using Bluetooth from my palmOne T3 and win modem from my windows PC, then I hope LifeDrive could offer the clear instruction on Internet Sharing Connection for dial up network, for schools without Wi-Fi!?

    I also like Skype Linux for VoIP and Yahoo messenger Linux, which some reviewers did not count on for Nokia 770! I like it better, if the designers add a small solar cell panel on the cover of these devices for longer lasting battery!?

    So the prices at about $350 for Nokia 770 and LifeDrive, and about $550 for PMA400 will divide the future markets for students on Nokia 770, and engineers for PMA400.

    If the speed and size are not the critial choices, I will prefer Nokia 770, if Nokia will have the real USB port to view my video and webcam, or to run math application from just 1GB USB flash drive for Linux applications without worry much about virus as Windows OS.

    Many more devices at: Linux PDA

    Any users can subscribe the related servers to access databases from schools to get helps on homeworks, instead of driving to college on weekends! While at home with LCdatabase, it is just a few clicks to enter data, search formulas, and solve: You are done, you have the answer!
    I didn't buy T5 but T3 for voice recorder. I known that except the modulation types, one audio card or modem can only perform 1 thing at a time. If you have microphone on PDA to record then they won't be abe to listen to your private conversations with a hidden microphone! If you can share internet then they won't access your PDA and files while you are online!
    I could share internet via bluetooth between a desktop computer and a laptop, and I could access internet by T3, but some T3 could not get ICS because ICS already used by the intruders for some users??
    So I am waiting for clear help from palmOne on ICS before I buy LifeDrive. palmOne should clearly show ICS for the latest and popular windows such as XP, so if we follow instructions from palmOne but it doesn't work, then we can return to LifeDrive!!???

    Set up Palm for Bluetooth Network:
    palmOne T3. Whizoo. Softick. PalmZone. Palm247.

    Typical bluetooth set up for PDA palmOne Tungsten T3:

       Direction guide: Lower Left: [LL] is similar to 7hr (7 O'clock), 
    [LR], [UL],
    and Upper Right: [UR] or 1hr.

    Tap Home icon [LL] to open All in Pulldown Menu [UR], then tap [Prefs] for
    Communication section with 4 items: Bluetooth, Connection, Network, and Phone.

    1. Tap [Bluetooth] to select:
    1a. Bluetooth: ON.
    1b. Device Name: PalmT3.
    Name of your Client PDA, the default is your HotSync user name, which
    will indirectly connect to Internet. Tap on the old Device Name then tap
    Edit to change, or tap New to enter your new Device Name.
    1c. Discoverable: Yes.
    1d. Connectable: Yes.
    1e. Tap Done to save.
    1f. Back to step 1, tap [Bluetooth] again.
    1f1. Tap Set up device.
    1f2. Tap on Trusted Device or Add Device to pair:
    Searching, tap the selected device, and tap OK to enter PIN for both
    host and client bluetooth devices.
    1f3. Tap DONE.

    2. Tab [Connection]: Select or Tap [New] for a new connection name:
    2a. Name: A1Bt2LanPC.
    2b. Connect to: Local Network.
    2c. Via: Bluetooth.
    2d. Device: Name of Host computer which directly connected to Internet.
    2e. Tap [Details]:
    2e1. Speed: 115,200 bps.
    2e2. Flow Ctrl: Automatic.
    2e. Tap OK. OK. Done.

    3. Tab [Network]: Select or Tab New to name a new network:
    3a. Service: NPDA.
    3b. User name: Blank.
    3c. Password: Blank.
    3d. Connection: A1Bt2LanPC, select from [2a].
    3e. Tap [Details]:
    3e1. Connection Type: PPP.
    3e2. Idle timeout: Never.
    3e3. Query DNS [ ], unchecked.
    3e3a. Primary DNS:
    3e3b. Secondary DNS: . . . . . Blank.
    3e3c. IP address: [x] Automatic, checked.
    3e3d. Tap OK.
    3f. Tap DONE to finish.

    4. To check for interferrence: From step [3] then [3e3]: Check Query DNS [x].
    Tap [Network] and [Connect] for Connection test. No Phone set up here.

    5. Open [View log] to check [4]: From Network page, tap Menu icon at [LL],
    tap Options, and Select View Log: Should not see the strange IP number!
    From [3], back to [3e3] to uncheck Query DNS [ ]: Enter IP set as [3e3a].

    6. If you have error on PDA by Internet Connection Sharing ICS from Windows XP:
    " host=""> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt: Enter
    IPConfig /all.

    7. To remove a Popup Search from your toolbar or permanent popup website on
    Windows XP Home, to prevent the interruptions from popup and your Bluetooth
    setup for Internet Connection Sharing with Windows:

    Right Click on related page then High Line and click on Properties for
    website address with a fileName which usually having .exe extension.
    You can depress and hold 2 keys [CTRL]+[ALT] while hit key [DELETE] for:
    Task Manager then click on Applications for the name of running popup file.

    Goto Start -> Run -> Enter Regedit for:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHNE->Software->Intercom -> ISTsvc (ISTsvc or your unwanted
    file . Hi Li it and delete. If you can't delete then go to:
    C: -> Windows -> Program Files - > Related-Folder -> Properties -> Advanced:

    then put a checked mark [x] in "Folder is Ready for Achieving".
    Or change Permission to Allow inside the Registry Editor before delete.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHNE->Software->Microsoft->Windows ->CurrentVersion->Run->
    [C:\Program Files\..xxxxxxxxxxx]


    HKEY_USERS->S-1-5-21- 60216..>Software->Microsoft->Search Assistant
    ->RCMru ->5603-pop64

    What is WI-FI? Wi-Fi Lists. Wi-Fi Hotspot. Wireless ISP. Wireless Drivers.

    AT&T $11.95/M for C.NY.N.W
    T- Mobil. $359.88/Year or $29.99/M
    HotspotzzbWireless No Dallas. $16.95/M DialUp wireless
    Hotspotzz DialUp wireless. $19.95/M
    Toshiba $479.40/Y or $39.95/M
    Boingo. $21.95/M for 12M then $39.95/M
    Verizon Free after DSL $34.95/M, 29.95/M of first 3M
    Net-Roamer. $0.30/ Minute
    Prices above are subjected to change any day by the above vendors, please inform webmaster if you see or have change! Last price list from Jan/6/2004.

    Please wait for my coming economic softwares, or click RareMath to view copyrights numbers.

    Output samples of Labor Expansion software:

    Should government raise Tax? Yes! For 1% increase in income tax, we have it calculated:
    Tax from 24 to 25% for Personal Income PI% raised from -3.958 to -2.110 when Pay Rate PR % is raised 2.518%
    Tax from 25 to 26% for Personal Income PI% raised from -3.957 to -2.108 when PR % is raised 2.419%

    We have PI% > 0 in the sample numbers which were sent to US Government.

    Labor Expansion Program creates jobs by accordingly passing the costs and times from the high wages and old workers to the new hires, by lower standard working hours to below 40 hours per week, and raise the average wage, for more taking home income.

    Labor Expansion Output sample on Windows: Labor Expansion Analytic Report:

    If you use Firefox with a small image, please click Right Mouse over above image then high line View Image to click Left Mouse then click Left Mouse again on the (+) magnified sign to view the full image of the scanned paper.

    Make money for US Government:

    Program mailed to VP Al Gore (1993).

    Governor Ann Richard's Letter to Mr. Le.




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