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Webcam Softwares

Webcam Softwares

Webcam Softwares

Webcam Softwares

Please turn on your webcam to upload image to the internet before you can view webcam from this page.
For Internet Explorer viewers, check Tools, Internet Options, click Security Tab, then move slider to the medium level.

How To Install Webcam in Linux SuSE 10 ?

Live video demo from softwares in this page.

Caution: If you are weak, too much time on beauties may be hazardous to your health!

Optional Loggin. Honest Webcam 1 Honest Webcam 2 Top 2 windows for only 2 first persons at time!

Speed: seconds/frame. (0 to 1/100 sec.) Click on the outer down arrow at frame #1 or #2 then click Line 1 for port 8080.
View webcam list inside Public Webcams frames.
Private Webcams:
Private Webcam 1 Private Webcam 2

To let your friend privately view your live webcam, send your IP address number from IP box beside a shorter box named [SEND-IP], or telephone, and Instant Messengers: Yahoo, AIM, Paltalk, Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ... then use Private Webcam Express. Chat by Meeting Chat room is not available at this time. You can also quietly chat by enter your short message in the IP box.

To view other public webcams or to show your talents and beauty to the others, use Public Webcam Express inside Frame #1 to check a list of other webcams, and compare your current local time at bottom line, you should loggin when use Netscape, then click on underlined link nick or name to view your or theirs!

To show your video or image by your webcam to you and/or your friends, please turn it on before you click Line #1 to view Your, or Line #2: For DSL or Cabled webcam. Click Line #3 to view your friend's webcam, after sent your friend's IP number.

While you are chatting, you can click BACK in the Meeting frame, then click Meeting to change your Nick. We suggest that you use Frame #1 for audio from Ivista or Webcam32, ADS Instant VCD, and other Frames for video conference!

How To Use HD Camcorder As A Webam?
Get your HD camcorder such as Aiptek HDDV 1080p camera with 60 fps and 8 MP as a webcam at around 180 USD at Walmart. You need a Video Express Adapter from ADS with the link below.
Connect a single longer jack to A/V out on camera while the other side of the cable with 3 colors yellow, red, and white to the A/V in on adapter or VCR, if you connect to A/V in on VCR then you need to select channel L2 on VCR to view.
After plug in your AV cable, you need to adjust the joystick on Aiptek HD camera to A/V out, then open free file Webcam2000 to view your HD Camcorder as a webcam on the internet.

For old faster Netscape, and to quietly chat or send your IP number to your friends, please click Meeting in the bottom frame (Index), then click Login without type any word, to show IP number for your friends, to give Daddy, Mommy, and others time to relax from noises!

Add Enter port number after IP number, such as when open cable DSL webcams. If webcam and server are turned on in I.E., you see live Vidio scene or/and Inetcam logo with still image, please click on right green arrow or speaker logo for live audio-video Ivista. If you see words for Frame #1 to #4, but you don't see frames with images, then you are using old Netscape or other incompatible browsers.
Good for medical emergency diagnostics and examinations, business, distance learning, security, police, job interviews to save moneys on trips, deserve times to family, and 1-on-1 practices!

Download free Video softwares for upload your webcam image to the internet:
Webcam2000 zip file.
Audio stream

After downloaded and setup:
Click on logo Webcam2000 on desktop to view image, setup again for webcast and message, then open Honest Webcam to view your video on the internet with port 8080.
You may need Java to view Java webcam software:
download Free JAVA
Other Free webcam softwares.

Check your audio: sndvol32.
Speak_freely for Windows.

After downloaded and installed plug-in, please turn off your webcam before using Yahoo or Paltalk video. So people could possibly watch you while you are in sleep with webcam off and your computer on with pcAnywhere or GoToMyPC.

You also can use webcam to verify teenage on adult products, or any customers with transactions for products on high demands, COD, and for customers who like to expose on live spots for statical beauties!

Yahoo Messenger. PalTalk. NetMeeting. EarthCam. CollegeClub. Arvada Around The World. IVista. PopCast. AxisLive. Dallas Live.

Search other webcams:

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Check secret Webcam from your computer?

Click on Weather Image for detail at

Please copy link to window Address Bar of Internet Explorer Browser, if you have error, then from File Download logo: Click Run or Open, OK, Yes to view or check any spy webcam which is connected to your computer! Click on flower then camera logo to check your D: drive!
Pan Am 1736 collided by KLM 4805 by the fog which killed 584 peoples on March 27, 1977. The collision may be avoidable if the safety engineers had installed Skyipcam 747w or the like camera with night vision, wireless broadband network, 2 ways audio on each jet, control towers, and along the runways.

Detail accident.

The broadband network IP camera can be installed at the sea by CoastGuard for safety, and for the king crab cathchers in Alaska to make more money.

Please do not show nude webcam or explicit pornographic XX video on this website, LCDatabase is useful for the young students as well as the older family members who are needing the honest and loving communications!

You should be responsible for what you did! Please report any crime from webcam to your local Police or Interpol!